Wednesday, February 12, 2014

On this snowy snowy day

It feels like deja vu around here. This week is a repeat of two weeks ago. I'm starting to wonder if the kids are going to get much of a summer break at all with all of these snow days. It really isn't all bad though. I am actually really enjoying the slowing down, which was so needed at the beginning of this week when I was still battling illness. Feel much better now. Days at home for me always mean lots of kitchen time and right now, lots of knitting time...which I am loving. And by the way, the snow is so pretty and there is really nothing like taking a walk outside with the crunching snow under your boots as the only noise outside. Everything has been cancelled for tomorrow as well and we/I have big plans in the kitchen/house as well as sledding time for the kiddos. They didn't venture outside at all today, but tomorrow the snow is supposed to stop and we will have plenty of it for sledding.
Started the day off right with knitting, hot chocolate, and almonds.

The view from the couch, where I was knitting.

Curried lentil soup for lunch.

Moroccan chickpea & acorn squash stew over brown rice for dinner.

Knitting by candlelight to wind down for the evening, with hot tea of course.

I started this project yesterday...almost done with the lace pattern. 396 stitches to knit across is no joke for this slow knitter, phew.
Hope you are all staying safe & warm.
Peace, Yasmin