Friday, October 28, 2011

This Moment

I am joining in with Soulemama today to partake in "this Moment" This Moment is meant to capture a moment/memory from this week that I really cherish. My little man is not feeling too well right now, so maybe we will be forced to slow down a bit, which would most likely be a welcomed change for us.
He is chilling, in our bed ofcourse.

Hope you have a great weekend, see you on the flipside.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Yarn Along!

Joining in with Ginny of "Small Things" today to share a book and project I am working on. The yarn is being knit into a scarf for someone special and the book is Friday Night Knitting club. I know I know...I am a bit of a knitting geek, but I love these knitting books and reading about how yarn can save someone's life.
Enjoy, Yasmin

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Southeastern Fiber Arts Fair!

This weekend the WNC Ag Center is hosting the Southeastern Fiber Arts Fair. Last year when I went, it was the first fiber arts fair I had ever been to. I wanted to take the whole weekend off, so I could take it all in in a leirsurely pace. Unfortunately with quarter end inventory on the 23rd, I was only able to take Saturday off for it. So this morning I bundled up the kids and headed over to the ag center to check out all of the animals. The kids really loved the sheep and goats last year and my daughter was especially fond of the rabbits. There were a few tears when she found out that we would not be able to take home a bunny this year....one day my darling, one day. After we enjoyed all of the animals, I took the kids home to daddy and headed back to the fiber fair. It was time for this momma to get some quality alone time. All of the fibers, spinning wheels, soaps, and colors were gorgeous. It was a pretty sweet way to spend a Saturday and I did bring some extra special homespun/handmade goodies home. When I got home, instead of diving right into my new yarn, we headed to the bookstore for some hot coffee, chocolate milk, and some choo choo train fun for my little man. After the bookstore we enjoyed some basil pinenut asiago filled ravioli and garlic bread. Yummm.

I hope to enjoy a lot more fiber fairs in the near future and be inspired to get crafty. Ok time for me to cast on.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


This past weekend, we decided to go enjoy the changing colors. After getting on the parkway, I almost immediately regretted the decision. The parkway was full of tourists and almost every overlook we passed was completely packed, but then we arrived at Graveyard Fields and the colors along the way were amazing.

We had a beautiful weekend of Leaf Peeping, hiking, and some yard work. Yes people, I wear Toms for my yard work. They say that we aren't at peak colors yet...it is hard to imagine them being any more beautiful. Hope you had a great weekend as well.
Peace, Yasmin

Friday, October 14, 2011

This Moment

I am once again joining in "this Moment", inspired by Soulemama to capture a moment from this week or the past that was especially cherished by me and my family. I truly believe that everyone should try to enjoy the moments in life as much as possible, so if you don't do something similar to this now, try it out and you may be surprised that in all the crazy rush that life is right now, there still are some really beautiful moments each and everyday.

This one is actually from quite a while ago...a farm tour that we took. This picture right here tells me that we need to get a farm asap, so my daughter can enjoy her goats:-)


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fairies and Book Reports

Today was a day full of work, promises to little girls, and school projects. I don't usually mind working too much on Sundays...they are quiet and a time for me to be able to be more personal with my team members, because I usually spend all day cooking in the kitchen.  As much as I was ok working today, I had plans to get out close to the time I had scheduled myself until, so that I could keep my promise to do some craft shopping with my daughter and help her with her school project. She has a book report due that is basically summarized on all sides of a cereal box and she also had to make a toy to resemble something in the story. She chose the book "Ella Enchanted" and so we decided to make a fairy toy, because she felt the main character was fairy like. Although Ashleigh had a breakdown or two from having to redo her cover art twice, she truly enjoyed making the fairy with me. She drew the face all by herself and picked out all the different colors in the body and clothing.

Isn't my daughter beautiful and I do believe that fairy is not bad at all (I say, while giving myself a pat on the back). I also forgot to mention that one of the best things was that my husband made baked pasta and garlic bread while I helped Ashleigh with her school project. Delicious. Now this Mama is exhausted and it is time for some relaxing and perhaps a bit of knitting.


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lazy Saturdays

Today was one of those lazy Saturdays, one of the ones where you sleep in a bit and the kids come and snuggle up in the bed with you in the early morning. We headed off to the farmer's market at a not too early hour and scored lots of beautiful produce and some pizza dough, while listening to some beautiful music. After the farmer's market, we headed off to the library. I have been wanting to go to the library for some time now, but I wasn't sure if I would be able to get a library card without a ID with my current address stated on it. It ended up being a whole lot simpler than I had imagined and I even got cards for both of my kids. I borrowed two knitting books for baby knits (a friend is expecting:-)) and my kids also borrowed two books each. I kind of love this local library of ours. It is a very small library, so there are no worries of lost children and in fact I am pretty much able to be in the adult section and I can still keep an eye on my little guy playing on the computer. We didn't spend much time in there today, but I am looking forward to becoming very familiar with this library. I love a good bookstore, but who can pass up free to borrow books? The rest of the day was spent lazing around and lots of cooking. There were plans to clean this and that, but enjoying the stillness seemed to be so much more of a priority. I baked a Pear Ginger Tart (it was ok...I don't think I like gingersnaps) and I also made a Potato Kale Goat Cheese Torte, which turned out quite fabulous.

I am hoping for many more lazy Saturdays the rest of this year.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Beginnings of Fall

The weather is starting to cool down a bit now, especially in the early morning and evening. We had a cold front recently that brought highs of only 60 during the day and the beginnings of fall are finally starting to show. The leaves are falling rapidly and the colors are changing all around us. The necessities of sweaters and homemade soup are made apparent. The beginning of flu season is showing up at work and home, boo :-( I am wanting more and more to slow down and pick up a good book or some knitting needles. As a welcome to fall, we decided to go apple picking last weekend. We took our kids last year and they enjoyed it greatly. This year with the calls for "apple pie! apple pie!" by my kids and mom, we headed to the Sky Top for some chilly apple picking.

Time for me to try to sleep off this cold...
Happy Fall,