Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The past two days.

I have been somewhat homebound with a sick little boy for the past two days. As much as I have somewhat enjoyed gettting time with the boy, a sick boy is a very needy boy and eventhough I am not saying that I want to go back to work, work is mommy time for me:-) So here is what I have been up to for the last two days.

There was a good amount of baking and cooking, lots of sleeping by the boy and mommy watching the boy sleep (because let's face it, is there anything more precious?), some yummy dinner, a glass of wine late at night, some crafting and reading (see older post), and lots and lots of laundry/cleaning.
Peace, Yasmin

Yarn Along!

This is Wednesday's Yarn Along inspired by Ginny over at "small things". A bit of picking up an old project and also some Carl Hiassen. Always loved his books, so full of nature and always placed in Florida, which I am quite familiar with. Enjoy.

I hope you all (or y'all if you live in the South) feel inspired to find some time to knit and read. Two great joys in my life.
Peace, Yasmin

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Welcoming Spring

As more and more days turn out to be warm days, I crave Spring. So I have decided to embrace the "spring" lifestyle for now while I wait for true Spring. These days I find myself craving some Spring crafting, blooms, lighter fresher food, and even some Spring cleaning.


The lovely color of blue, Macerated Fruit with sweetened vanilla soy yogurt, Fresh chopped salad, sauteed spring asparagus and portabellas with garlic, Vino Verde, and setting the table for Spring. Moving from Florida not so long ago, I never thought I would look so forward to Spring and the warmer weather it brings. I so do love changing seasons and the different aspects of each season, but I think Spring is fast becoming a favorite. Here's to hoping for more lovely weather and the end of winter for now.
Peace, Yasmin

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Girly Time

Today was an absolute gorgeous, seemingly Spring day here in the mountains. I think I am ready for constant warm weather and hopefully lots and lots of gardening. One big thing I get to look forward to, are the farmers markets starting back up next month. Yay! Today I took my little girl out to lunch at a very very girly Tea Room. We got all dressed up and headed down to Chelsea's Tea Room. As we drove out of our neighborhood, we noticed that spring seems to be starting up all around us. Trees are blossoming and I even saw quite a few flowers popping up through the ground.

When we arrived at our lunch destination, spring was also in full bloom there. The tables were adorned with floral tablecloths, flower arrangements on every table, pictures of flowers on the walls, pastel chandeliers, floral painted tea pots, and waitresses with floral skirts. It was really quite lovely and so nice for a mama and little girl to have some true girly time. We had some conversations about how life is for us at the moment and ate some wonderful food. I had a black bean burger topped with guacamole and a side of fruit. Ashleigh had a ceasar salad topped with salmon. We only ate a bit of our food, so we could save some room for dessert. Ashleigh had a chocolate cake and I got some trifle. It was all so delicious and filling.

The boys were very happy to eat our leftovers when we got home. After everyone was filled up, we headed over to the garden center to drool over new plants and to dream about our future garden plans. We went to the park with the dog and let the kids play in the playground while we loaded up on our Vitamin D. After dropping the dog off at home, we visited the book store to enjoy delicious drinks and wonderful books. When we got home, it was time for dinner and a kid movie. I got to catch up with an old friend over the phone and drink some lovely vino, referred to by friends as "adult gingerale". This was exactly the sort of day I needed after a draining work week. I hope all of you enjoyed a lovely Saturday as well.
Peace, Yasmin