Sunday, March 20, 2011

Welcoming Spring

As more and more days turn out to be warm days, I crave Spring. So I have decided to embrace the "spring" lifestyle for now while I wait for true Spring. These days I find myself craving some Spring crafting, blooms, lighter fresher food, and even some Spring cleaning.


The lovely color of blue, Macerated Fruit with sweetened vanilla soy yogurt, Fresh chopped salad, sauteed spring asparagus and portabellas with garlic, Vino Verde, and setting the table for Spring. Moving from Florida not so long ago, I never thought I would look so forward to Spring and the warmer weather it brings. I so do love changing seasons and the different aspects of each season, but I think Spring is fast becoming a favorite. Here's to hoping for more lovely weather and the end of winter for now.
Peace, Yasmin

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