Saturday, September 24, 2011

I'm Back...

Hello everyone. I know it has been quite a while since you have heard anything from me on my blog. A lot has happened since I last logged on. We have moved, my mom moved in with us, the kids are back in school, and my husband is back in school as well. I hope to join in the schooling in the spring. I think it might be time for me to take a break from the cooking thing. I love to cook, but I can do it at home without the stress. My job has been really affecting my life with the stress it results in. I don't feel very healthy and I have not had a creative bone in me for quite some time. Thinking of the holidays, cooler weather, and loved ones, I finally picked up a pair of knitting needles to cast on for someone really special in my life. My camera's battery is dead at the moment, but I will try to take some pictures soon. I am also going to start going to a Monday night knitting circle at my favorite yarn shop around here, starting this Monday. I am excited about the prospect of making new friends and some much needed stress relief. I am also going to the gym a bit more now and the house doesn't have too much more organizing to do before it is somewhat set up...I say somewhat, because is a house ever really done? The leaves are starting to change and life is starting to look up. Knitting might just save my life. I know this may sound dramatic, but have any of you picked up a pair of knitting needles and felt the stress melt away as you knit every stitch...that's therapy for you. Ok well it is time for me to get back to my therapy. Until next time, Yasmin

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  1. I hear ya. It's been a hard summer for lots of people I know, in one way or another, myself and family included. Glad to hear you are finding your creativity and things that soothe you. I am also getting very stoked about the upcoming holidays; they really inspire me to be creative. I like make things as handmade as much as possible, so I am thrilled about costumes, food, decorations... all of that. Good luck, my friend!!!