Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kids, Food, Love

  1. German Pancakes via breakfast in bed for mother's day.
  2. Kids acting goofy.
  3. ApfelKuchen.
  4. Vegan Sausage, Spaetzle, Sauteed onions & kale
  5. Onion & Cheddar Loaf pre-cooking.
  6. Baked Onion & Cheddar Loaf...yumm.
  7. Pizza with broccoli, kale, & feta cheese.
  8. Strawberry cobbler...extra yumm.
  9. My beautiful daughter in her new spring dress, even though she just finished telling me that she doesn't wear dresses anymore, "because mom, that is so last year".
Loving life, kids, and the farmer's bounty.
Peace, Yasmin

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