Saturday, October 27, 2012

SAFF Day 2

We had an awesome day immersed in fiber today. Ashleigh got to try spinning for the first time and did very very well. The teacher said she is a natural. Afterwards she looked at every wheel on sale to see if there was a possibility for us to get one...they are expensive. I will be diligently searching for a used one or a layaway program. Rian also joined us to check out all of the animals. Such funny animals. I can't wait till we have some of our own.  SAFF gets better every year and I anticipate going again next year and most likely taking some more classes.

Ashleigh spinning up a storm and then pulling her yarn off of the bobbin. Getting it wound around her hands. That was one of her teachers, Nancy Weaver Hoffman. She lives near Boone on a farm. She and her family are shepherds. Her 16 year old son that has been spinning since he was 8 was also one of the teachers, as well as one of her daughters. They were very nice people and even invited us up to the farm to spin sometime. I may just take her up on the offer.

Pictures 1-3 are of alpacas. Pictures 4 & 5 are Finn Sheep. Pictures 6 & 7 are llamas. Picture 8 is of sheep waiting to be viewed in the arena. The rest of the pictures are of different types of goats; angora, mohair, etc. I really love how you can only see the mouth of some of those sweet goats. They were also really friendly towards us. The last picture is of the kids petting baby goats.


The first picture is of Ashleigh trying out rug hooking. The teacher said she is a natural at that as well. I think I have a future crafter on my hands. The second picture is of the biggest wheel I have ever seen, it is called the big wheel. The two pictures are of SAFF and all of its booths. The last picture is of all sorts of roving...it was like a candy store at this booth. Two days filled with beautiful colors and beautiful fibers, what more can a girl ask for. Oh they are calling for a chance of snow next week. I am ready for some knitting in front of the fireplace, yes!
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