Sunday, September 21, 2014

Weekending (a week late)

Hello friends, wow three months since my last post...I am so sorry if anyone was anticipating more posts. This summer was a doozy with a lot of working and we did get to do a good amount of hiking as well. The summer ended with a great trip to Colorado and Florida to visit both sisters. I have now been in Nursing school for a month and it is kicking my butt. We just had our first major tests within the past two weeks for both of my Nursing classes. It has been a really stressful month and I am working on how to lower my stress levels. I think mostly I just need to get into a rhythm, which I really have not felt like I have had yet. Anyway onto our weekend, last weekend actually. We went apple picking, which is actually very early in the season for us, but the plan is that we are going to go twice this year. I have already made apple crisp and we have been enjoying apples for snacks. We have made apple picking every fall a tradition since we moved here four years ago, yes we hit four years at the beginning of August. We love it and I hope wherever life takes us in the future we will have some place to go pick apples. Without further ado, here are the pictures from our apple picking adventures, finished off by some delicious pizza at the Flat Rock bakery.

Mmmmm, looking at the pictures of that pizza makes me want some now. Anyway that is it for now and I hope to post more now that I have pretty much quit facebook for at least this semester.
Peace, Yasmin

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