Saturday, January 28, 2012

I'm still here

I believe this was the title of  Joaquin Phoenix's documentary after he disappeared for awhile. No I have not decided to reinvent myself as a rapper after having a nervous breakdown, instead I just needed a break. So what have I been up to?? I am back in school and have been concentrating on getting adjusted to being a full-time worker, full-time mom/wife, and a full-time student. I am taking 4 classes this semester, which I know is a whole lot considering what all I have going on, but the classes I selected make it possible to be taking 4 classes at once. Sociology, English, Intro to Computers, and a math class. Two online, one hybrid, and one at school. So far I am loving being back in school and learning new things. I am also knitting quite a bit recently, needing to de-stress and still my always thinking mind. I have been avoiding the gym and all of the New Year's resolution freaks, so knitting has been my greatest stress relief. I have also been sleeping more regularly, because if I don't, I will have that nervous breakdown and maybe grow some unruly hair and reinvent myself as a rapper like Joaquin. So that is basically what I have been up to. Today, I am feeling slightly under the weather and just enjoying the stillness in what I call my "quiet living room". Being able to look outside at the trees, squirrels, and the beautiful stillness of it all. I just wanted to let you all know that I am back and I am ok. Now it is time for me to get back to some more knitting and hopefully finish my first pair of socks in a couple of days. Here's to enjoying Saturdays and quiet.

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  1. Yasmin! You are a great mama, and I am SO PROUD of you for going back to school - wow! Maybe you'll get a really cool professor like me?! Hee hee! I miss you :) Spring Break, we need to plan okay? As usual, you rock with the honesty and beauty of life. Love you.