Monday, April 16, 2012

10 Things

10 Things I am Loving and Enjoying right now!

1. Skirt weather...yes! In fact it was 81 degrees today.
2. Yummy Sun Tea.
3. Pretty blooms everywhere.
4. Tailgate Market season starting again, so I can buy lovely fresh produce and make a lovely meal.
5. Wine at most suppers.
6. Roses given to me for free from a coworker.
7. New books: "The Good Earth" by Pearl Buck and "The Dirty Life" by Kristin Kimball.  Coincidentally, both have a farming theme...hmmmm.
8.  The residual feeling of serenity from my Ohio trip, thanks Alison and Jeanine. If I come to a point where I am finding it difficult to feel at peace, I can yell "Serenity Now!" ala George Costanza's dad.
9. Only three more weeks left of school, woohoo.
10. My Prius V and the ability to go without filling my tank for at least three weeks.

What are all of you loving right now?
Peace, Yasmin

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