Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Baking & Cooking

On my days off, I like to bake and cook. Life is so busy with school and work that I have to think ahead all the time or my family would never eat nutritious, wholesome, homemade food. Thankfully I think cooking and baking is somewhat of a stress reliever for me, so I do a whole lot of it. Today I made, "Who Bread", one other bread in a cast iron pan which turned out phenomenal, black beans & rice mix for taco night, split pea soup, and delicious chocolate chip cookies. We are also slightly infatuated with sun tea at the moment, maybe it is the 70 degree plus weather we have been having, so I brewed 4 jars of it. Speaking of weather, we have been having incredibly sunny, hot days recently, but at the moment it is pouring rain outside and I am just enjoying the peacefulness of listening to the rain. Oh how I love rain sometimes, especially curled up with a good book or under the covers snuggled up to my hubby. The rain is bringing a whole lot of serenity right now.

Check out those cookies, aren't they awesome. The recipe made almost 4 dozen, so hopefully they will last at least a couple of days. You never know in this family though.
Happy Cooking, Yasmin

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