Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Just me and my boy

My daughter was invited to a birthday party of one of her best friends today. So right after the kids got off the school bus I drove her over to their house. This left me and Rian to a couple of hours, just the two of us. This is extremely rare, because usually my mom or hubby are home...but today my mom went to the gym and my hubby was at school, so we had about 4 hours together. We first went to the grocery store to get that errand out of the way. As I am driving in the parking lot, my son goes, "Mommy you are polite because you stop to let the old people walk past." Hello? When did my little boy start using such grown up sentences? This little guys amazes me on a regular basis with the things he says. He is quite hilarious at times. I also noticed in the store when I put him in the seating part of the shopping cart that he can reach the bottom rung of the cart with his foot! He is now most definitely too big to sit in the cart. I am not ready for this little guy to grow up so fast, boo. After the grocery store we enjoyed a little bit of TV time just the two of us. He leaned against me on the bed and asked me to put my arms around him...oh how I wish these precious moments could last forever. Then I put a pizza in the oven, our first store bought frozen pizza in years. My thinking was nice and easy, but I realized after tasting it that we are truly not missing anything by not eating them. Homemade pizza with homemade sauce is so so so much better. We enjoyed our quiet dinner at the dining room table with lemon infused water. It was a lovely evening for just the two of us and I hope for more opportunities like these.

My lovely son enjoying his pizza and a picture of the store bought pizza...not too bad looking. My son tells me he loves me everyday and sometimes more than once a day. I hope he doesn't lose this sweetness when he is being a stud with his gorgeous blue eyes. For now I will take in every sweet moment with my little man.
Peace, Yasmin

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