Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Earth Day

Just a quick post, as I am busy getting ready for last exams and finals. Phew. About two and a half weeks left, that is it...and if all goes well, my class schedule for the fall semester is pretty sweet. I may actually have a full day off, with no classes or work. Like I said, we shall see. So, I wanted to share what we did on Earth Day...which was Monday, right? The days are melding together. The kids had school and so did I, so they didn't get home till close to 4pm, but it was a beautiful day and I wanted to do something outdoors for Earth Day. I took the kids and our dog, Molly, to Mills River Park, which has a beautiful dog park. We brought along Rian's new skateboard so that he could finally try it out...let's just say that he has a long way to go until he can ride it smoothly. We had a skateboard when we were kids, but I can honestly say that I don't remember the mechanics of riding one. Hopefully he will eventually pick it up naturally. I do have some fun news...tomorrow is my graduation from the Nursing Aide class and we are having a potluck party. I am making lasagna and maybe some other things as well. I'll try to take some pictures. Ok, time for sleep so that I can have the energy to cook most of the day and do some homework as well.
Peace, Yasmin

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