Sunday, August 4, 2013

A week in Review

Is it just me or has this summer just been flying by? In exactly two and a half weeks the kids go back to school and I go back to school just a few days before that. Crazy. There was so much more I wanted to accomplish this summer with cleaning/organizing/craftiness, but I try not to stress about those things at all. Actually this summer has been filled with a lot of open days, which is kind of what I wanted. We didn't go hiking as much as we wanted too, but there is still plenty of time to do that even after school starts back. The kids have been enjoying their swim classes and we took a pretty awesome vacation to the Keys...great stuff. Anyways, back to summer flying by. I have been meaning to post a blog earlier in the week, but the days seem to melt away before I have been able to, so here is a week in review.
~We went to swim lessons Monday through Thursday.

~We visited the Folk Art Center and I took just a few pictures indoors before I was reminded that pictures aren't allowed, woops. I have been wanting to revisit for awhile and was so happy that I did even after not being completely sure I wanted to on that day, due to feeling a bit tired. They have such lovely Art to look at, and the kids enjoyed it as well. They loved that apple especially with bunches of tiny apples on the inside, like seeds.

~While we were there, we decided to walk on the Mountains to Sea trail a bit...just a bit since we didn't have the proper shoes on. On our walk we saw lots of mushrooms, wildlife, trees, and various insects. Walking on a trail just has this amazing effect of refreshing our souls, we needed that.

 ~We bought much needed new shoes for the kids. They were both on sale and such a good buy for the quality that they are. I am still astonished that both of the kids' feet grew two sizes since last school year. I especially love Rian's Chooze pair with the skateboards on one shoe and bicycles on the other. They need to make these for adults.

~We also celebrated my husband's birthday where he was gifted this hat and some new eco t-shirts. We went out to dinner at one of our favorite Thai restaurants to celebrate the day after. It was so yummy.
~We also were able to take advantage of the tax free weekend and get the kids a second pair of shoes, school supplies, and some clothes for the upcoming school year.
~ We ended our week with a family walk with the dog up and around this mountain/big hill we live on...what a great way to end a week I might add, something to keep in mind for the weeks to come.
So that's it, my week in review. I will try to take more pictures this upcoming week, especially with possible first of the season apple picking next Saturday....weather permitting of course. I also hope to share more knitting progress and possible craft making by my daughter for the birthday that just passed...we are not punctual people here :-) Ok off to bed.
Peace, Yasmin

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