Monday, August 12, 2013


Hello friends. Well my plans for apple picking fell through on Saturday due to quite a few rainy days leading up to Saturday. I was not in the mood to go pick apples on a muddy day, so instead we went to one of our favorite breakfast joints, visited the tailgate market for some yummy produce, and just enjoyed peaceful family time at home after my planned night out with friends fell through. It really was a nice low-key day off. Quite lovely.
Just a few pups waiting for their breakfast. Loved this.

Rian, slightly cranky on an empty tummy.

Mmmmm stuffed French Toast.

Ashleigh really enjoying her bagel with cream cheese.

Ashleigh in a blissful state after her meal.

New haircuts for me and my boy. That was the best picture I could get of myself...sometimes it is so hard to take pictures of yourself.
On Sunday I pretty much worked all day and after a pretty mentally challenging night at work, I requested a family late night movie night with lots of cuddling included. It was a nice way to de-stress from a pretty stressful night. I highly recommend it. One week exactly until I start back at school and I am so ready for a slightly easier work schedule. Have a great week.
Peace, Yasmin

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