Thursday, October 24, 2013

I Heart Life

 Simplicity is really a beautiful thing, isn't it? I have been spending a whole lot of my time in the kitchen these days, to cook nourishing food for my family and to keep warm from the heat off of the oven and stove. Yes it has been quite chilly, in fact we finally caved and turned on the heat last night. Tonight the low is 29, Brrrr. Ok back to the kitchen, I do believe that is exactly where I belong.
Apple Pie and naturally, apple pie a la mode.
Quiche made with broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, vegan sausage, and cheese.

Healing Cabbage soup for my sweetie. I am going to save this one for my "one day cookbook", but I can give you an ingredient list.
Napa Cabbage
Can of chopped tomatoes
Cayenne Pepper
Smoked Paprika
Veggie Broth
A living foods stuffed Poblano Pepper from WFM. It was pretty yummy, but I think I prefer my Poblanos roasted rather than dehydrated.
Veggie yellow curry with brown basmati rice.
Cornbread infused with corn off the cob and cheddar cheese.
A sweet little man finally starting to read, yay!

Soccer practice on a frigid fall day followed by the best Australian caramel hot chocolate and a hot shower.
Friendly card playing indoors when the weather is just a bit too chilly to enjoy the outdoors.
Yes, we have been enjoying lots of low-key time indoors. I really do like to keep life simple and am enjoying the natural slowing down of life that comes with the colder weather. We have two more weeks of soccer and then we will be on break from any sports activity until Spring time, which I am kind of looking forward to...the break, not Spring yet. I will be going to SAFF this weekend and if there are any locals reading this, I encourage you to go even if you are not a knitter, spinner, or some other fiber artist. The colors and textures are amazing. Time for bed.
Peace, Yasmin


  1. I am so inspired by all this hearty food, will you be including receipes?! nice to meet you, Heather x

    1. Thanks so much for subscribing Heather. I was wondering how to get more subscribers and I guess I better start including more into the recipe section of my blog. Yes I can include more recipes, but some things, like the pie dough I have been making a whole lot of recently is the "All Butter Pie Dough" out of Ashley English's "Year of Pies" book...so some recipes I can include and some I can not. Thanks for your interest and your suggestion.