Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Best of Fall

I am still feeling quite a bit under weather, so this post will be lots of pictures and few words, enjoy.

We visited a nearby park on an unusually warm Fall day recently. There were so many geese and ducks, it was delightful.

Pumpkin carving two days before Halloween, because we like to procrastinate and some black bean goodness served on top of scrambled eggs and topped with salsa and olives.

A zombie princess and Captain America.

Yes, that is my mother...when a grandchild says that Grandmothers never dress up for Halloween, you kind of have to meet that challenge, don't you?

A bit hard to see, but the middle one is an owl and the right one is a werewolf.
That is it for this post, time for some rest.
Peace, Yasmin

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