Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Turning gluten free...Ugh!

So unfortunately, we believe that hubby may be gluten intolerant or it could be soy or it could be simple or not so simple IBS. Yuck. We have decided to eliminate gluten out of his diet first and see how he feels from that. This will definitely be a learning process for all, as I am not completely sure about the whole gluten thing either. Apparently cous cous is not ok, but quinoa is. Why not cous cous, we love Israeli cous cous in this family. On top of all of this, my husband is a lover of all things cereal...he is addicted I tell you. So when I suggested the eliminating and mentioned that cereal for the most part is a no go, he got quite upset and seems to still be moping a bit...5 hours later. So after my b-ball game, I stopped by the store and got him some rice crispies, so he would have something to eat when he got home. This is going to take a lot of planning, as there will need to be snacks on hand all the time, or my very skinny hubby will be losing weight...not a good thing. To be supportive, I am going to try to do the gluten free thing with him and perhaps this will make me feel more energetic as well. So all of the bags of AP and WW flour I have will be used to make goods for the kids and hubby will have to lay off of them. Sorry babe. So for dinner tonight, I made scalloped potatoes, using GF Oat flour, which I luckily had on hand, and veggies in tomato sauce. It was enjoyed by all.

My next adventure will be making gluten free baked goods. Wish me luck.
Peace, Yasmin

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  1. Chex cereal is boasting a commercial that five of their cereals are gluten-free, including the honey nut one, so check (or chex, har har har) it out because their cereal is not bad at all. :)