Monday, December 5, 2011


I was just talking about needing to slow down and low and behold, I end up getting quite sick, as if my body is telling me that yes Yasmin...you need to slow down. No rushing to and fro or going to bed at a ridiculous time, instead I am knitting, reading for myself and reading to the kids, and baking lots and lots, because for me baking is mostly a stress reliever. Work has been really taxing recently and what I really really really need is a staycation, so that is what I am keeping my eyes on. The end of crazy work days due to the holidays will be a wonderful welcome, so for now I concentrate on my crafty side and lot of family time, because really is there anything better than hugs and kisses from the people you love, no I think not.

Apple Pie finally and my daughter actually likes this one, woohoo. Yummy carrot muffins, a family favorite. Ofcourse I made some Who Bread as well, but how many pictures of the same bread do you need...right? Pasta sauce and Lentil soup were also made this last weekend. And last but not least, a new scarf hopefully ready by Christmas to gift my assistant.

Peace, Yasmin

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