Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Some exciting new things are happening. I am taking a two part sewing class, so yes I am finally learning how to use this darn machine that I have had for about two years. I did try once to do the bobbin thing, but holy cow those instructions are not easy to decipher. I kind of feel like I need a manual for my manual. I was always more of a visual/hands on sort of person, so it was nice to have an expert show me. Oh by the way, I am totally hooked on the sewing thing...I wish I had been doing this for a while. The knitting is also coming along nicely, but I have been finding it hard to make time to just sit and knit. All of my days are packed with work, school, family. Life is busy, but in a good way. I do have to admit that I am looking forward to spring break and taking some time off to see two lovely ladies and all of their children and hopefully finding some quiet in there. Today I decided to give all of you a peak into my crafting area, although I find myself usually knitting every place other than in here. Please excuse the slight chaos, but then again I do believe I thrive in the chaos at times.

So that's it...my creating/inspirational little corner of our house. The area is shared with our office space for now. Hopefully, one day, I will have my own creative area, so that I can perhaps spread out atleast a little bit. That is the fun fabric I am working with right now and in about a week, I should be able to share the finished product with you. I also threw in some cooking done recently, because basically cooking is creating as well. Avocado sushi ended up being our Superbowl "wings". I also made a lovely spinach and goat cheese quiche for the family to enjoy tomorrow night. My son also did a little bit of creating of his own at school. He might be the cutest little groundhog I have ever seen.
Happy creating, Yasmin

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  1. Just caught up on your life since the New Year. Way to go on four classes. YOU CAN DOOO IT! Last "semester" was a doozy for us, so Jason's not in any classes this semester, but he'll probably pick up again for the summer. He completed three in December. Don't burn yourself out, Yasmin. Taking one at a time is still moving forward. :) Love your craftiness. And your chaos. I thrive in that too.