Saturday, March 10, 2012


Wow it has been a while since I have posted anything on this blog, I'm sorry. Life has been a whirlwind since I started school in January and is this year going faster than last year? It is already March and today marks the one year anniversary of the disaster in my homeland, Japan. My daughter turned nine at the beginning of this year and my little man is turning six this next month. Things are going way too fast for this mama.
An old friend of mine came and visited for a day, which was way too short might I add, and I met her youngest son for the first time. I realize that I miss my "Florida Girls" quite a bit and I think we need to make that once a year get together happen. There is just nothing that compares to having those long time friends that no matter how long you go without talking to them, when you do finally pick up the phone, you go right back to the way you were when you were hanging out back in the day. Yup I miss my girls.
Since the last time I posted, I have done a bit of sewing, a bit of knitting, spent time at the park, and did some cooking and baking. Also, the first picture below is of Rian looking outside when it decided to snow out of the blue. We really had no snow at all this winter and all of a sudden towards the end of February, we got a day with snow and lots of wind.

I'm hoping for a lot more sunshine and days warm enough to visit the park. I made zucchini bread and accidently forgot the sugar in the recipe, but the kids seem to like it all the same. I also have been enjoying organic eggs over sauteed kale. There is that market bag that I made, now if I could just find the time to sew more of those... I am also still trying to finish that old knitting project, soon I hope. Ok time for me to get some rest and try to get rid of this shingles once and for all. Goodnight.

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