Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Georgia Visit Part 1

So, this past weekend I had to go down to Atlanta for the German Consulate to finally take care of my passport...it is now being processed, woohoo. I also found out my kids will be able to get German passports when we are ready and this really excites me. I love that my kids will have the freedom to live in Europe if they choose to. We will first get them American passports or they will not be able to come back into America if we were to ever go anywhere and considering that we hope to go to Indonesia in November for my stepbrother's wedding, I better get on that stat. We decided we wanted to make a trip out of this passport necessity of mine, so we stayed for the weekend and also purchased tickets for the Georgia Aquarium. It was a wonderful trip and a much needed family time away. I have many many pictures so we will do this in a couple posts. Enjoy, Yasmin

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  1. How amazing! I've heard that aquarium is the best in the country. I especially love the dolphin photos! SO cool that your kids get to be dual citizens, and even cooler that you guys will be traveling to Indo- which is like my #1 wish-list travel destination that hopefully one day in the sorta near future we'll be able to venture to! I am dreaming of Bali daily!