Monday, January 28, 2013

A Frittata Kind Of Night

So, I have not been on my blog in a bit. I knew time was flying by, but I didn't realize that my last post was on January 2nd. That is quite some time. We are all trying to get back into the rhythm of school, work, life. I am taking a lot of classes this semester as well as my Nursing Aide program, while supposedly working part time. This part time thing has not really worked out so far though. For the past two weeks I have worked around 36 hours per week. Don't get me wrong, the money is nice, but working that much while taking this many classes and tending to the household is just too much at the moment. Thankfully this week I only work 3 days, so maybe I will finally be able to catch back up with the enormous amount of housework I have to do. Ok, just breathe...no stress, no stress. I think I just need to get my rhythm/routine going and all will be fine. So, there is actually so much I want to share about our January going-ons, but it would be crazy to put 80 pictures in one blog post, right? I am going to tell you about some of our highlights of January and I think I will just jump all over the place with past dates in the next few days, so that I can share some of those pics and experiences.
January Highlights:
My baby girl turned 10 years old.
  • We celebrated by going to Greenville for the zoo and some other fun.
  • We also enjoyed dinner with family and a few of her friends back here in Asheville.
Hubby and I enjoyed a date lunch before we both went back to school, woohoo.
There was lots of cooking, duh of course.
And lastly, just a whole lot of schoolwork.

I probably shouldn't put schoolwork as a highlight, but hey I am in school and that is kind of awesome. Today, feeling the effects of lots of school and the 36 hours I worked last week, my energy was pretty darn low by the time the kids got home. There was a lot of laziness going on until about 7:30pm, when I realized I better get dinner going. We typically like to get the kids in bed by 8, so that we can actually get them up in the morning. I am pretty sure they are both nightowls. Anyway, I had to figure out a quick dinner and I was kind of craving breakfast for dinner...especially eggs. So, I whipped up a yummy frittata and served it with a salad. It was a hit with everyone and if my cast iron pan were larger, there would have been second or even third helpings for the kids.
I made it with vegan chorizo, garlic, onion, baby bellas, spinach, 4 whole eggs & 3 egg whites, grated sharp cheddar cheese, and just some salt and pepper for seasoning.
"Mmmmmm Mommy that looks good, stop taking pictures so that I can eat now."

A little inside view of the yummy frittata.
I also bought this book today at my local food co-op. It is chock full of pie goodness and I think I may have mentioned in the past that I do believe everything should be in pie form. The recipes look so good and the first one I am going to make is the Chocolate Mint Pie. I also am a fan of Ashley English and her beautiful homesteading ways...and she happens to live here in/around Asheville. I am always for supporting local people and I can't wait to try many recipes from this book. Ok off to fold some more laundry.
Peace, Yasmin

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