Tuesday, January 1, 2013

On New Year's Day

Last night we let the kids stay up to watch the Ball drop in NYC on TV of course. I think sometimes about how it might be neat to be there in person with all of that crazy energy, but when I think about the amount of people in Times Square that particular night, my want for it disappears. The kids were excited about staying up so late and all I wanted was for us to be together cuddled in bed going into the New Year together as a family, so I had no issues with this staying up business. After working a ridiculous amount of hours every day since Christmas, ,I had today off. In fact, I did not get off work until about 10pm last night as well, so as you can imagine I was quite exhausted this morning...actually pretty much all of today. We spent most of the day appreciating the stillness of being home, while it rained outside all day. This morning though, I had to make an hour drive to pick up something very very special in deed. I am so excited about starting off the New Year with my new to me Ashford Elizabeth spinning wheel, after three months of layaway type payments to the owners. So, on to some New Years resolutions...oh yes I do make some and I believe that telling as many people as possible about my resolutions will make them more likely to actually happen.
Yasmin's 2013 New Years Resolutions
  1. I want to work towards being a comfortable spinner.
  2. I will adopt Vegan only Mondays.
  3. I want to visit my sister in Colorado.
  4. I want to get only As or Bs as my grades in school.
  5. I will only buy Local Small Farm Organic Eggs. (I got vegucated the other night and was opened up to the fact that these large organic corporations that you see normally in grocery stores, really are not any better with the way that they treat their animals. I mean think about it, how else can they provide to so many stores throughout the US, unless they are cramming their chickens into very confined spaces.)
  6. I plan to sign up for atleast one Sporting event to compete in this year.
  7. I want to get this household organized.
  8. I want to concentrate on spending more quality time with my family.
For now that is all I have and if I think of anymore, I will let you all know.
I received a new camera as my Birthday/Christmas present from my mother. I was finally able to set it up and play with it a bit.

The gloomy day outside and rain droplets on branches of trees.
A tea kettle for Christmas from one of my sisters...I have been drinking tea practically everyday.

Just having some camera fun.
A Black Eyed Pea stew over quinoa for our dinner and for good luck.
A little bit of bread baking since the kids go back to school tomorrow.
My beautiful Ashford Elizabeth wheel...yes I realize the Christmas decor needs to come down.
I wish you all a Happy New Year.


  1. Your stew looks delicious! What all is in it?

    1. I really just kind of created it and don't have exact measurements of anything, but I will explain it on my recipes section of the blog sometime soon. It was yummy.

  2. Let's see a real picture with your longer hair! Also, glad you like the tea kettle! I tried to pick one with good reviews