Monday, June 10, 2013

All was well in the house, and then a tree fell...

Hello, hello my friends. Life has been hectic as usual. I have been working a ridiculous amount of hours, which is great for now since we are going on vacation soon, but I am somewhat exhausted. I am looking forward to getting into the rhythm of summer time. My rhythm that I was hoping to start today was slightly thrown off by the tree (apparently two trees, we just found out) that fell against the house at 3am this morning. It had been raining all day yesterday and we are guessing that the ground just got so wet and soft around one tree that it made it fall and it took another tree down with it. After that, this momma could not go to sleep for the worries of a tree coming through the kids' room and taking them both out...I know a little morbid, but unfortunately things like this do happen and as their room is an add-on, I feel that it is not quite as sturdy as the rest of the house. Ok off the bad and onto the good summer things...Ashleigh graduated 4th grade and we have been enjoying yummy summer foods and beer, glorious beer. I made vegan herb potato salad, sweet organic corn with Amish butter, and sliced some fruit. My free rose plant finally bloomed, the variety is called Ketchup and Mustard. By the way, that tree took out all of my potted veggies on the back deck...I guess I will be starting from zero once again, boo. The beers I have been enjoying are Bell's Oberon and an India Red Ale that my boss brewed, it was delicious. One other thing that we have enjoyed is our dog, Molly, barking at her own reflection in all of the glass doors, hilarious I tell you.

Hopefully there will be no more trees falling against the house in the foreseeable future and I can start to truly enjoy this break from school. Ta ta for now.
Peace, Yasmin

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