Thursday, June 13, 2013

That thing called Rhythm

Ok, so I think I am starting to find a bit of a rhythm, but there is still a ways to go to be totally in it. I think one of the problems is that there is some serious organizing that needs to get done in this house, but with the beautiful weather we have had all week  so far, I can't justify spending it indoors organizing. Speaking of which, I need to get this post written quickly so that we can enjoy the outdoors some more today. I may also do another blog post tonight highlighting our adventures from today. This post was supposed to be written yesterday, but I ran out of time before having to head out to work. So anyways, one of our favorite things to do outdoors is to take our dog to the dog park. Everyone gets to run around and we have a very happy dog at the end, so that is exactly what we did the other day. I also have been cooking and baking a lot more, which is helping with that rhythm thing. I made cheesy grits, eggs, and a bagel for breakfast yesterday, Banana nut choc chip muffins, a delicious egg, avocado, tomato sandwich on a jalapeno cheddar bagel that was homemade and sold to me at the Tailgate market, and I also made some ice cream mix to be frozen today. The flavor is Hibiscus ginger...we'll have to see how that goes. There is a recipe for chocolate lavender ice cream that sounds divine as well...that may be the next one to try. Ok I'm off to prepare our picnic and enjoy the rest of the day outside. Have a lovely day.
Peace, Yasmin

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