Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I have been feeling slightly off for a couple days/weeks now. I wasn't really sure what was going on and I thought maybe it is just working too much and filling my life with too much right now. I didn't necessarily feel emotionally stressed, but definitely physically stressed. It has been hard to wake up any earlier than 9am, which for a mom is quite late. Thank goodness for independent kids that can figure out how to get themselves some cereal in the morning. I have felt unable to be patient with my children and I haven't had the want to cook at home. This stress (or whatever it is that I have been feeling), came to a head on Sunday with a major headache, that has been lingering at a lesser level since then. So, I booked a massage to try to clear some of this stuff going on. As I was sitting in the "Tranquility Room" waiting for my massage, watching waterfalls on the TV, I started to feel completely overwhelmed with needing to cry. No, I did not cry, but sometimes I think it is a good thing to watch a really sad movie or read a really sad book to have that emotional outlet and just cry. I haven't cried in a really long time, maybe that's my problem? Actually I think part of the issue is that I am frustrated with my body's inability to reach certain goals that I put forth and probably the fact that I set somewhat unrealistic goals in my life...and I am not just talking about physical feats. Anyways back to the massage room...my masseuse came out to meet me just when I felt like I was at breaking point and took me back to my massage room. This was my first time with this masseuse and he was incredible. He knew exactly where to press and how hard to press in those areas. Some of the massage was painful, but I was seriously tense. He used peppermint and eucalyptus aromatherapy and spoke in a truly calming manner. I started the massage with my shoulders practically off of the table due to their tightness and I ended with my body totally sunk into the table. I can't thank Brent enough for the magic he dispersed on my body. I feel much much better. A couple of things that I realize now, is that:
1. I need to take care of myself (already booked my next massage for next week, thank you Massage Envy for making regular massages possible).
2. I need to increase mind/body activities, like yoga.
3. It is okay to not do it all in one day.
I feel refreshed and able to take on tomorrow.
Peace, Yasmin

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