Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Yarn Along

Hello all, yes yes I know it has been awhile. Actually one month exactly...I have been quite busy with life in general and also somewhat uninspired to do anything creative. I know, crazy right. I met with my knitting partner and knit for the first time since summer break started, just this past week. Since last week, my knitting fever is back in full force, which is quite lovely. I am even dreaming of fall time and warm knitwear. So today I am joining in with yarn along to share what I have been knitting and what I have been reading...two of my favorite things.

First, something I just finished for an upcoming birthday and my son graciously modeled it for  this here blog. I think the special someone that is going to be gifted with this will like it quite a bit. Ofcourse the one problem with letting my son model this piece of knitwear is that he ends up wanting to keep it for himself. I think the next hat I make will need to be for him. This was knit with Malabrigo, I think it was Rios.

Second, something in progress. A baby blanket that I started yesterday for a new mama to be, which I am quite excited about. This mama to be doesn't want anything girly or pink, so grey it is. This was yarn in my stash, so I am not sure the brand, but I do know that it is machine washable, which make it very practical. The pattern is the Pine Forest baby blanket from Ravelry.

Third, is a project just now started and for some reason my camera could not pick up on the instense deep red of this yarn. It is also Malabrigo, mecha. A chunky yarn that I get to use size 13 needles for. Fun fun. I am making the Gaptastic Cowl from ravelry for myself.
Oh and lastly, what I am reading right now. I just finished Yarn to Go, which is a new mystery knitting series by Betty Hechtman, I enjoyed it and can't wait until the next one in the series comes out. In the meantime I picked up Saved by Ben Hewitt, which I had heard about from other blogs. I just started it, but am enjoying it quite a bit so far. Ok off to bed.
Peace, Yasmin

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