Thursday, September 19, 2013

The beginnings of Fall

Yesterday it was quite cool outside with the combination  of gloominess and even some drizzling in the afternoon/evening. I am digging the cooler weather and hoping that it sticks, but you never know around these parts. It is supposed to get into the 80s during the day tomorrow, but as long as it is cool enough during the night for open windows, I'm all ok. The cooler weather has me thinking of soups/stews, comfortable nights in with the family, and lots of knitting. I have been searching knitting patterns like crazy itching to make this and that, but first I need to reorganize my craft area so that I can see what is what. I really need to tackle my stash and also organize all of my needles. Everything is everywhere and that makes it difficult to even think about starting a new project. I am also starting to thinking about Holiday gifts for friends and family. I would really like to make most of my gifts this year. I just think that is so meaningful, so I have a mental list started of what I am making for certain people. I do love this time of year, don't you?
Ashleigh doing what she loves as comfortable as can be.

Popcorn! Made with Amish butter and salted...so yummy and such an easy snack for the kiddos. They came home from school today claiming that it was one of their favorite snacks and proceeded to have it for their afternoon snack as well. If for some reason you don't pop your own, please do think about it. It is so easy and can be made in a large pot with a cover, that's what I do...just make sure to just cover the bottom with the organic corn kernels, so that your pot doesn't overfill. I also like to make it with coconut oil.

Time for chili. This one had kidney beans, black beans, and bulgur wheat in it. Always a favorite of the family.

Rian completely tuckered out after soccer practice. He decided to skip dinner and moved from the couch to his bed. Such a sweet peach.
Well it is that time again for some knitting and some tea. I am drinking Yogi Skin Detox tea and enjoying peace and quiet since the kids are on bed.
Good night and happy creating.

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