Thursday, January 9, 2014


My baby turned eleven today. I almost can not believe how fast these eleven years have gone by. She was the perfectly content baby and has grown into a beautiful, gentle, caring young lady. We are so proud of all of her achievements and look forward to her bright future, but for now I would like to just keep her exactly as she is..an innocent kid still wanting to hang with mom and dad.
Ashleigh two years ago.
Ashleigh now...she was gifted a stuffed horse doll and I love that she still enjoys her dolls.

Electronics, of course.

Great Wall of Chocolate.

Mmmmm P.F. Changs.

Really another picture, mom?

So, this is what eleven looks like. She is all about clothes, jewelry, reading, friends, her kindle, and silly times with her little brother. I quite enjoy eleven...responsible enough to get her own breakfast, but young enough to still care enough for her baby brother to hang with him. Happy Birthday my sweet sweet girl...don't grow up too fast.
Peace, Yasmin

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