Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Holidays

I know, I know, this post is way overdue. December was actually somewhat of a blur for me. If you work in the hospitality field, you know that the holidays means lots and lots of overtime. Fortunately I did have Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off, but those were really the only two days I had off in December once last semester was done at school. So here is a post with probably way too many pictures, but I wanted to share what the holidays were like for us. Enjoy.
Wintry window art, courtesy of my daughter.

Holiday lounging with the pup.

Tree + Presents.

Overly excited on Christmas morning.

Stocking time.

Molly with her present...a leash and collar.

Mama, now I can really be Ironman!

A New Nintendo DS from Oma!

The boys playing with new toys.

My sister gave me a Calvin Klein Cowl, so I could feel all fancy-like.

Figuring out her new rubber band loom.

DS in the morning.

Lunch on Christmas day.

A walk in the park on Christmas day.

New pajamas for everyone.

DS in the evening.

A large glass of Baileys for me.
Yes, a ridiculous amount of photos. 
Peace, Yasmin

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