Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow Day

Things have been super crazy this January, so I was very thankful to have a day off, a full day off of no work and no school, to spend at home catching up on a little bit of housework and more importantly catching up on time with the family. I was able to fold laundry, bake bread, make popcorn, watch movies, take the kids sledding, catch up on a bit of sleep, and even make popsicles on a freezing cold day. Yes, yes a lovely day indeed.

Sweet potato hash, fried eggs on top, and plenty of hot sauce on top + lovely magazine reading to start off my day.

Seeded bread rising.

Lots o' popcorn; salted and kettle style.

So much fun in the snow and meeting a new family in the neighborhood, with the added bonus of a like minded mama...she sends her kids to the local Waldorf school, lovely :-).

Such a pretty eleven year old, complaining that her fingers were freezing through the gloves.

A sweet little boy that could have spent hours out in the snow if his mama didn't have to go shape the rising bread into loaves.

Pajamas, popcorn, and a movie directly after sledding.

Yes! Popsicles on a snowy day.

Gorgeous bread for the kids' sandwiches.

Tacos for dinner.

A late night popsicle treat for me...so yummy.
Yes indeed, a great day totally off.
Peace, Yasmin

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  1. It's great finding community on the slopes! food and snacks look yum as always. Hot pepper sauce and fried eggs, wow! Heather x