Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter fun

Phew, I didn't realize that it has been so long since I posted something. Sometimes life just seems to fly by, and I wish I could just make things slow down a bit...I am ready for that slower pace of life. Easter was one of those rushed days, I am finding that less is more and maybe we should have skipped that chaotic Easter Egg Hunt this year and just stuck with our Easter crafting.

Wooden egg painting, Sculpey rabbits & robots, Easter egg massacre a.k.a. the worst easter egg hunt we have ever been to, face painting, a very unhappy boy that wasn't able to reach the eggs in time, all bad feeling forgotten on a hike, beautiful views from the blue ridge pkwy on a beautiful day. For the most part, easter was a success, but again I stress that maybe we need to chill on the amount of activities. Here's to slowing down a bit.
Peace, Yasmin

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  1. Yup, can't cram it all in. Might as well make the stuff you do do, great. :)