Saturday, October 22, 2011

Southeastern Fiber Arts Fair!

This weekend the WNC Ag Center is hosting the Southeastern Fiber Arts Fair. Last year when I went, it was the first fiber arts fair I had ever been to. I wanted to take the whole weekend off, so I could take it all in in a leirsurely pace. Unfortunately with quarter end inventory on the 23rd, I was only able to take Saturday off for it. So this morning I bundled up the kids and headed over to the ag center to check out all of the animals. The kids really loved the sheep and goats last year and my daughter was especially fond of the rabbits. There were a few tears when she found out that we would not be able to take home a bunny this year....one day my darling, one day. After we enjoyed all of the animals, I took the kids home to daddy and headed back to the fiber fair. It was time for this momma to get some quality alone time. All of the fibers, spinning wheels, soaps, and colors were gorgeous. It was a pretty sweet way to spend a Saturday and I did bring some extra special homespun/handmade goodies home. When I got home, instead of diving right into my new yarn, we headed to the bookstore for some hot coffee, chocolate milk, and some choo choo train fun for my little man. After the bookstore we enjoyed some basil pinenut asiago filled ravioli and garlic bread. Yummm.

I hope to enjoy a lot more fiber fairs in the near future and be inspired to get crafty. Ok time for me to cast on.

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