Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fairies and Book Reports

Today was a day full of work, promises to little girls, and school projects. I don't usually mind working too much on Sundays...they are quiet and a time for me to be able to be more personal with my team members, because I usually spend all day cooking in the kitchen.  As much as I was ok working today, I had plans to get out close to the time I had scheduled myself until, so that I could keep my promise to do some craft shopping with my daughter and help her with her school project. She has a book report due that is basically summarized on all sides of a cereal box and she also had to make a toy to resemble something in the story. She chose the book "Ella Enchanted" and so we decided to make a fairy toy, because she felt the main character was fairy like. Although Ashleigh had a breakdown or two from having to redo her cover art twice, she truly enjoyed making the fairy with me. She drew the face all by herself and picked out all the different colors in the body and clothing.

Isn't my daughter beautiful and I do believe that fairy is not bad at all (I say, while giving myself a pat on the back). I also forgot to mention that one of the best things was that my husband made baked pasta and garlic bread while I helped Ashleigh with her school project. Delicious. Now this Mama is exhausted and it is time for some relaxing and perhaps a bit of knitting.


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