Wednesday, September 19, 2012


There is a lot of love in the air recently. It all started with my wedding anniversary on September 11th. My husband brought me home some cottage red roses. He knows that the way to my heart is flowers with nothing else needed. I had also been secretly planning a getaway for just the two of us...doable due to my mother agreeing to watch the kids for the whole weekend, thanks mama. We spent Saturday and Sunday last weekend in Gatlinburg at a lovely bed and breakfast. It was an incredible select registry 4 diamond bed and breakfast that I found through BedandBreakfast.com. We had never been to Gatlinburg and I heard about its beauty and lots of fun. It was a little bit too much bad tourism, over consumerism, and just plain crowded. There was hidden beauty though. Gatlinburg is covered on all sides by mountains and there is a lovely attraction called OberGatlinburg, which has a tram up the mountain. We also rode a chairlift to the top of the mountain, which offered wonderful views, and a quiet serene time away from the "in your face" craziness in the valley below. We plan on going back with the kids, just for OberGatlinburg, which also has an indoor skating rink, a very cool alpine slide, and amusement type activities. Well anyway, let me get back to this beautiful bed and breakfast we stayed at. It is called Eight Gables Inn and I reserved a Deluxe Suite for just one night...next time it will have to be for atleast two nights. The landscape around the house was amazing, it comprised of flowers, fountains, and even a waterfall. Our room had a king size bed, seating area, balcony and a huge bathroom with a jacuzzi tub. They also make a dessert and leave it your room every night at turn down. Our dessert was a very thoughtful heart shaped cake. It ended up being a romantic much needed getaway for us. We realized that this is most likely the first time we have gone away overnight since the kids were born. It will not be the last time. The only thing I would have changed about our bed and breakfast choice, would be to choose one that has a restaurant attached so that we wouldn't have to leave the property at all.

Roses and the main house.

Around the main house and the breakfast area.

The lovely turn down dessert, a painting I fell in love with, and our room.

OberGatlinburg, and views from the top.
It has been a lovely 12 years and we hope for many more years together.
Cheers, Yasmin

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