Thursday, September 27, 2012

Oh lovely day

The kids had no school today and so I made sure to be off from work as well. It was a day full of appointments and driving here and there, but in between we had some lovely moments. We made sure to make time for the park, as it was a gorgeous day out today. We also made time to bake an apple pie...next up, applesauce. Oh these apples are getting used up slowly but surely. I also signed up for a few workshops at the Fiber Arts Fair coming to town at the end of October, oh how fun. We are going to be venturing into spinning. I signed up for two classes; spinning for beginners with a wheel and spinning using a drop spindle. I am pretty excited to be taking this next step in craftiness. I also signed my daughter up for beginning spinning for kids and she is super excited. She says "Oh mommy, now we will have a head start for when we eventually own sheep". Yes my darling, yes. We have big dreams around here about a future farm and I only hope we can make this happen before the kids are totally grown up. It will happen.

Hope it was a lovely day for you too,

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