Friday, January 21, 2011

Getting Healthy

So I know I had said I would be better at this blogging thing, but to tell you the truth life has been seriously busy. Work, taking care of the kids, being a wife, crafting, gym, basketball. So this year is my year to get back to healthy, that means losing a surprising amount of weight, getting strong, doing a triathlon. Yes people I plan to do another triathlon this year, but hopefully an international distance one. I will probably throw in a sprint tri to get my feet wet, so to speak. I also joined our company basketball team, which is pretty intimidating after ten or more years off the court and throw in co-ed and it is just downright scary. I played my first game with the team last Tuesday and had a blast. I had one chance to make a shot and unfortunately I missed it, but with some practice, I should improve. So why this year you ask, well unfortunately, my husband has made it clear that there are no more babies in the future for us. Sometimes I think about this and it makes me sad, but the reality is that financially it would be very difficult for us to have more kids and the thought of being 45 and both kids being 18 or older is quite exciting as well. I have two amazing wonderful kids, but I was meant to be a mother and the number 4 has always been in my mind. Wishful thinking, but I just need to remind myself about being young when I get to enjoy time with just my husband. Only 13 more years...craziness.  So about getting healthy, so far it is going very well. I am sticking to getting to the gym and I do have a personal trainer that makes it worth every penny I pay for him. Now time for me to get some beauty sleep.

Peace, Yasmin


  1. life does not end at 45, as I well know. Anyways, good for you, keep active.