Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's all for the Girl

So tomorrow is Ashleigh's 8th birthday. Woohoo! 8 glorious years that she has fulfilled my life with. As much as I love work and to work, my family and especially my kids are what I live for. It is a bit unbelievable that this girl of mine that was born, what seems or I remember like it was yesterday, is about to be 8...truly unbelievable. Where do those years go?
That's my big girl in her trendy boots and her skinny jeans. It seems nowadays she is very much interested in shopping for clothes and not so into barbie, because "Mommy that's for babies". So we figured this big girl finally deserved her own room.


Lovely areas of the room for a very lovely girl. She loves loves loves her room and "Rian is not allowed in unless she says it's ok!" The last one is the view from her room.


The boy is quite enjoying his sudden room of his own as well. Ok time to get some crafting in while they watch a movie. Have a lovely night.
Peace, Yasmin


  1. Love it! And I cannot believe Ashleigh is 8 either - wow!!!