Sunday, January 30, 2011

A little bit of Spring in the midst of Winter

Today we had absolutely wonderful and very unexpected weather for wintertime, high of 63. This day could not be wasted indoors, so we set out to Azalea park, which happens to also have a dog park.

I had to get as much UV rays as possible, and Molly ran herself ragged.

The kids got to enjoy some much needed outside playtime, while daddy kept an eye. Mommy decided to walk with tired dog to see what wonders awaited.

We came upon a path that led us down to the Swannanoa River. Crystal clear with some great photo opportunities. After the parks this morning, we went and had some Indian lunch in downtown. We also decided to let the kids run free at the "Health Adventure" and had some more sun time at Pack Square. We treated the kids with some ice cream and nice walking around downtown.
We came upon an impromptu Capoeira session and some great music accompanying the capo. We sat for awhile and enjoyed the performance before heading on home. We finished off the day with  some coconut infused tempeh fried rice and relaxation on our couch. This day has been just what we needed after what this harsh winter has brought us so far. Now I am pretty exhausted and the cleaning of the house, laundry, and everything else will just have to wait for another day.
Hope you had a beautiful day as well.
Peace, Yasmin


  1. Sounds like a perfect day Yasmin! LOVE it!

  2. Good thing you had this day before all the crazy snow hit again. :)