Sunday, December 2, 2012


Yesterday was December 1st and so we decided to start this joyous month off right with some holiday decorating. It was a lovely night of decorating with the family and the kids were just so happy to put the tree up. This is a magical time of the year for them and I always enjoy seeing this time of year through their fresh young eyes. For instance there is a big all in one destination center near our house; with a movie theater, bookstore, ymca, stores, restaurants, etc. We go to this place often, as this is where I work at one of the restaurants and this is the place we go to the movies. Anyway, there is a big Christmas tree with a throne underneath it (for Santa presumably). We went to the movies tonight and as we drove past the tree, my son states, "Oh he isn't here tonight". I love that he believes in Santa and wants to see him so very much. I have a feeling my daughter doesn't quite believe anymore, but she still goes along with it for his sake...and I love her for that as well. The reason why I am not quite so sure she believes in him is because last year when we went to see Santa, she didn't really care to see him to tell him what she wanted for Christmas...this has to do with outside influence through school I am sure. I am going to try to keep this time of year magical for as long as possible until my kids tell me no. Until then...

My kids decorating the tree. Rian in his Thor Halloween costume of course. The tree all done up. The homemade bird ornament I got through an ornament gift exchange in our tree. The floating Santa head that somewhat creeps out my hubby.

The kids personalized Christmas stocking from their late grandmother. That is a younger picture of her next to a card that she sent us last Christmas. She was a lovely woman and is greatly missed by all. A Santa figure and their Eric Carle advent calendar.
Rian wearing a Santa hat and his Thor costume. Ashleigh and Molly completely tuckered out after all of the decorating.
Happy merry making,

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