Monday, March 4, 2013

A fresh start to a fresh week

I am determined to not be in a complete exhausted daze this week like last, so I slept in a little bit this morning and went to bootcamp at 3, which was right after school. I still got into the tired slump around 10am to noon, but when I got home, I took the kids to the park to enjoy a beautiful sunny day. This helped me from crashing on my bed for that afternoon half awake state. We had a lovely time in 53 degree weather. These days we have to take full advantage of sunny, not totally frigid weather...especially when we know those days are right around the corner. The weather station said that we can expect freezing weather and snow starting tomorrow night. I think I am ready for spring, but I don't mind the hanging in the house because it is too cold thing. Our pup, Molly, really enjoyed the running around and the kids loved getting to be outdoors for a bit. The outdoors sue does have a way of lifting you up and energizing you. When we got home it was homework time for the kids first and foremost and I tried to think of something to make with the cooked kidney beans I have in the fridge. While browsing recipes, I found one for singapore style noodles and decided to make something similar to that instead. Lots of veggies with rice noodles and I added an egg and kimchi for mine. It was delicious and filling. I have to cut this short so that I can get some homework done to avoid being completely overwhelmed the rest of the week, but here's to a fabulous fresh start to a sure to be fabulous week.
Peace, Yasmin

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