Monday, March 11, 2013


Signs of Spring are slowly starting to appear. We had beautiful 63 degree weather this past weekend and my clinical on Saturday was cancelled, so we took advantage of my free time and took the kids and pup to a new dog park. The pup was so happy to be able to run around freely and the kids got plenty of exercise running back and forth as well. We have noticed daffodils blooming and the temperature has definitely taken a turn for the better. As I look at that picture of me above, I realize it might be time for me to go get my car washed...sorry for the fuzziness. Ashleigh also decided to get a little crafty with her silk screening gift that she received for Christmas. I love it when my kids get crafty. Although I worked most of the weekend, it was still a pretty fabulous one...one more crazy weekend of work and then Spring Break in two weeks, woohoo. Looking forward to visiting family and sightseeing in DC. Alright time for me to hit the sack, as this daylight savings mumbojumbo has thrown me for a bit of a loop.
Night, Yasmin

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