Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Disaster Zones

For some time now, I have been wanting to organize different disaster areas of the house. The clutter was getting out of control and it was time to purge some of it. My plan was to take care of all three major problem areas; my bedside area, the kids' room, and the craft room over Spring Break. Unfortunately the illness basically kept me bedbound, so I decided the area that I can not avoid seeing everyday was the number one priority.
I know, awful right. There probably is no excuse, but I do have to say that my life is super duper busy. I go to school full time and work around 30 hours a week. I am also in an NA class where I have to go to class two nights a week and I have clinicals on Saturdays. Also those 30 or so hours I work are all on Thursday-Sunday, so I only have Monday and Wednesday nights to do any kind of housework. Which is great and all and probably enough time to pick up around the house and keep it somewhat neat, but my priorities are hanging with the kids and making homemade family meals on those nights. Things will be much better once this NA class is over at the end of April and then I will have Monday-Thursday nights free. Woohoo. The only problem with these disaster zones is that it causes me to have anxiety and stress to the point that it feels so overwhelming that I never start attacking those areas. Do you guys have that? It happens sometimes with homework too...I eventually get the homework done in a just before class cramming session, but I can't keep avoiding homework by knitting or reading a book. Things have got to change, right.
Ok, so that is the end product. Not too shabby, but not completely organized. Some of the stuff will eventually have to go into the craft/office room, but for now it will do. I know I have a lot of books/magazines. I love them. Speaking of magazines, I have been thinking for some time now that I need to do something about the hundreds of Vegetarian Times magazines I have. Any suggestions? I thought maybe I could take all of the recipes and put them in a folder, but who am I kidding...I can't even keep the house clean. Do you think I should donate them to someplace? I really have a lot of them. Anyway, it is time for me to finish packing for out trip to pap pap's house tomorrow. I'm hoping for lots of relaxing and some DC fun. See you all on the flipside.
Peace, Yasmin

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