Thursday, August 16, 2012

And They're Off

There is something to be said for quiet mornings, opening all of the windows, folding laundry without distraction, listening and dancing to music while doing the dishes. That is exactly what I did this morning after I dropped the kids off at school. They were excited to see their old friends and meet new ones. A whole new school year beginning. Rian in 1st and Ashleigh in 4th. This is the last time they will be in school together until Highschool when Rian is in 9th and Ashleigh in 12th. A scary and somewhat sad thought. Jason also went back to work today and I will also be leaving in about 20 minutes, as it is the end of my staycation as well. Oh if only I could just stay home all the time...but for now this works, with a lot of help from my mom. Thanks mom.
Some late night bread baking, so the kids had bread for sandwiches today.
This morning at 7:25am, they were off to be driven to school.
A depressed pup, because she has not experienced such a quiet household in atleast 3 months. Where are the kids to play with her?
Progress being made on the current hat, late last night while the bread was baking and early this morning before the kids got up.
Hope you all have a lovely day,

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