Monday, August 6, 2012

Maybe a touch of crazy

Hello friends, I have something to tell all of you. If you did not know...I may have a tiny bit of crazy in me. Why??...do you say...well let me tell you a little story about me. I am highly motivated in some aspects, but this motivation usually happens in an extremely procrastinated way. For instance the other day, my husband's birthday, I was not planning on making anything. I was going to buy a gluten free piece of something, but after checking out the prices for these delicious looking gluten free things, I just could not justify spending so much for something so little. So I was at home that afternoon after work and my husband went away to do something, I don't quite remember to do what, but really the only thing that matters is that he went away. So I am at home and in the back of my mind I keep thinking about how this lovely husband of mine loves him some carrot cake...really really loves. So I take a look in my fridge, yep not enough carrots...ding ding ding, maybe my mother who has been on a juicing kick has carrots downstairs. So I ask her if she has some and ofcourse she has a whole extra bag, so I find a recipe quickly and decide to make some lovely carrot cake muffins. I realize I don't have cream cheese for the icing that I want to make so I give my hubby a call to pick some up while he is out. He gets home just as the muffins are cooling on a rack and I whip up some icing for these delicious muffins. Ok you are all probably still wondering why I said that I may be a touch crazy. Well this is what happens with me...I get in the kitchen and since I am making muffins, I decide to make banana bread and since I am making banana bread, I decide I may need to make some sandwich bread for the kids, and since I am in the kitchen, I might as well make lots and lots more things. Yes this is the craziness I was speaking about, but maybe this doesn't sound so crazy to you...well here is where it gets good. After making banana bread, I lose motivation to make bread for the kids' sandwiches, so I stop...then around 10pm, I decide that yes indeed I really do need to make this bread for my lovely children. So at 10pm I start an atleast 2 hour process of kneading/proofing/baking...this is why I am slightly crazy and ofcourse the next morning I had to be at work by 6am. Yes people I am a little nuts and I wanted to finally come clean about this quirk of mine.

I mean look at these little darlings, can you blame me for wanting to bake for them constantly?

Food Pics:
1. Minestrone soup
2. Carrot Cake Muffin with cream cheese icing
3. Banana Bread
4. Bread for kids' sandwiches
5. Potato/veg bake
6. Corn tortillas, refried beans, Mexican potato/mushroom mix, brown rice, tomatillo salsa
7. My lovely tomatillo salsa
8. Delicious taco

Everything is made from scratch, except for the corn tortillas, which I was going to make tonight, but after realizing that the dough would need to rest for an hour...there was just no way my family could wait that long for taco night. Maybe next time.
Peace, Yasmin

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