Monday, August 13, 2012

What's Cooking?

The fact is, I cook a lot and I also happen to cook for a living and I attended a prestigious culinary school with the likes of Julia Child as alumni. I love love love to cook and though I may end up choosing a different career path in the future, which is more condusive to a family life, I truly love to cook for my family and friends. I started noticing that food is featured constantly in my blog, so I thought why not do a weekly Monday "What's cooking?" post. I don't know how to change the format of my posting so that we can see people with their links right on my homepage, like Ginny over at Small Things, but you should be able to add a link of your "what's cooking" post onto my comments area. If you know of a way to change the posting format, let me know.
So this is what I am cooking...

A 3 egg omelet made with red onion, garlic, chanterelles, goat feta, and salt & pepper. Delicious. Everything is from the tailgate market, except for the s&p and the oil used to saute the vegetables. I served it up with some hot sauce(ofcours) and a leftover tarragon dinner roll. I am also drinking a lot of tea recently, because we are out of coffee till the end of this week atleast. It is Gaia Revitalize Mint tea.
So what are you cooking?

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