Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Just keep cleaning

Yesterday was our major house cleaning day. It needed it and I still have a bit more to clean, but overall I am very happy with what we were able to accomplish. In order to keep cleaning I opted out of going to my mini knitting circle, but don't worry...I will be going at 1pm today to keep my sanity. Amidst all of the cleaning was lots of cooking and even a nice walk up our little mountain that we live on.

For lunch I made quinoa with garlic, onion, carrots, chanterelles, acorn squash, pumpkin seeds, sage, feta, and salt & pepper. The flavors combined so well together and I think we will have to repeat this meal in the future. Yumm.

 We went on our walk after lunch to that lovely bench spot and spent some time enjoying the flowers all around us. Ashleigh tried some cartwheels and a headstand...she is getting quite good at those. I also had to snap a picture of this person's garden, because it is gorgeous and in full bloom.

Dinner was sushi with sauteed ginger shiitake mushrooms and Japanese style omelet. I also made some miso soup to go with our dinner.
I am also joining in with Ginny over at Small Things for her yarn along. Started knitting a new hat, this time with a generic charcoal gray medium weight yarn that I had in my stash. Yay for diminishing the stash. I also recently started reading "After the Quake" by Haruki Murakami. It is very good so far and I do really enjoy Japanese fantasy/sci-fi. The great thing about this book is that it is a collection of 6 short stories...just long enough to keep your attention. Anyway I am off to get ready for Meet the Teacher day for the kids as this is the last day of summer vacation and we are all back to the grind tomorrow.
Peace, Yasmin


  1. Ooh, that meal looks good. One of my go-to easy meals is curried quinoa and chickpeas. So yummy and so simple!

  2. You food looks great, I hope it was as tasty as it looks.