Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday FunDay

Today was the second day of my staycation. I can't say that I am getting everything that I wanted to accomplish taken care of so far, but with the kids off for the summer and my husband off as well, it is a very very hard thing to do. So not much cleaning or organizing has happened, but a whole lot of cooking and family time has. Today we went for our weekly tailgate market trip to get our produce for the week and then took the kids to the bookstore, all before lunch time. We scored some awesome produce and enjoyed super fresh green beans for lunch.  After lunch time, I basically spent the whole afternoon/evening cooking & cleaning the kitchen. How is it that cooking can sometimes take up my whole day? Tomorrow we plan on hiking, so my plan is lots of cleaning Monday through Wednesday before I go back to work on Thursday. I will make this happen. While I was at the bookstore, I checked out some crafting magazines and now have a pretty solid idea of gift ideas for my kids...yes it is that time already to start thinking about Christmas gifts, because when it is homemade it takes some planning. Speaking of which, I need to get together with my two best friends and see if they are up for a homemade gift exchange for the kiddos this year. I think I'm ready this year (we tried this two years ago, and I did not come through, yes awful I know), but it is early enough for my family to get it done. Is it my imagination or is fall visiting us earlier this year...I hope so. I am ready for cooler weather, soups, bread, hot chocolate, and lots of fall crafting inspiration. When I am on top of the mountain tomorrow, I'll check out the trees and let you know if fall is truly coming early.

The lighting was bad when I took that first picture, but can you see the leaves changing color on that tree in front of our house? Also check out our awesome mushroom score from the tailgate market. Chanterelles and the largest Shitake mushroom I have ever seen.

Ashleigh sewing a handkerchief at the bookstore...she takes her craft projects everywhere.

Lemon Blueberry cake, which was so successful that after I noticed there was only half a loaf left, I made a Lemon Blackberry Cake. Yummm. Perfect for our planned picnic tomorrow.
A gigandes bean salad for tomorrow.

Corn Chowder for dinner. The chowder has an interesting color because of the roasted red peppers in it. I also made tarragon parsley dinner rolls in a muffin pan. They were really really yummy. I will make a variation of those rolls for tomorrow nights spaghetti dinner...a tradition passed down from my mother in-law :-)
Enjoy that meteor shower,

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